Morihei Ueshiba — Founder of Aikido

Our Founder

“Aiki is the way of harmony. It is a manifestation of the natural form of all beings in which all of mankind and the universe are united as one. In other words, there is only one center in the universe, and it is the movement of this center that governs the world. The entire universe is one family. It [Aiki] eliminates fighting, conflict, and war from the world. It is a world of love – the world of the emotion of divine love expressed by the creator. Without love, nations, the world, and ultimately the universe will meet with destruction. Heat and light are also generated by love. It is Aikido that brings to realization this ideal in the actual spiritual world.”

- Morihei Ueshiba, Founder of Aikido

Aikido is a modern Japanese budo (martial art) founded by Morihei Ueshiba (1883~1969) based upon the fusion of his study of the traditional Japanese martial arts with the insights of his harsh spiritual ascetic training. Morihei Ueshiba visitedHawaii in February 1961. During his visit he said:

I have come to Hawaii in order to build a “silver bridge.” Until now, I have remained in Japan, building a “golden bridge” to unite Japan, but henceforward, I wish to build a bridge to bring the different countries of the world together through the harmony and love contained in aikido. I think that aiki, offspring of the martial arts, can unite the people of the world in harmony, in the true spirit of budo, enveloping the world in unchanging love.

In Aikido strength and power are not used to struggle with the opponent. Instead, techniques born from entering and turning body movements seek to control the violence of the opponent without causing injury, and it is for this reason that Aikido is called the budo of “harmony.” The final aim of Aikido is personal transformation and development through the fire and intensity of budo training, and the application of that transformation on a personal and societal level.

Aikido has no competitions, matches, or weight classes. Men and women of different ages, sizes, and levels of experience can practice together comfortably. Practice is at the student’s pace, so that everyone can enjoy Aikido, not only the young and physically fit. Students at The Aikido Ohana range from six to eighty-four years of age in all levels of fitness and athletic ability.